We are proud to inform you that we have launched India’s No.1 Online Money Making Program called Ad Posting Programme. Since the introduction of our Program each and every Indian started to earn some real income through Internet by doing simple data entry at home. We guarantee 100% success from our Programme. We challenge you that you can fulfill all your dreams in your life. No Skills necessary. You are the own boss so you can sit comfortably at your home and work at your own Spare time. Even if you don’t own a computer or Internet connection you can work from any Cyber Café.


In this Programme your job is very simple, just you have to post free ads in different classifieds, blogs, forums and directories. We will provide the admatters for you, just you can copy & Paste them in to the required fields. We will also create a new website for you. Each and every Registration that is generated from your website will earn you Rs.100/-. You will be also provided with a private login and password so that you can Check your earnings online at anytime. After registration, we will provide all the details about how to place your ads, list of websites to place your ads, admatters and tools to increase your earnings.  Our team will be available online for 24 hours including Sundays and all other holidays. You can send your queries through Email at anytime and can get immediate support from us. You can post as many ads you want. There is no limitation for your earning. You can receive your Payments every 3 days. No matter you Reside anywhere in INDIA your Payments are 100% guaranteed, SUNBIZTEAM is already known to the world for it's successful online business. Working 1-2 hrs/ day seriously can earn you at least Rs 30,000/month.

Just Imagine, Even posting 10 ads can earn you Rs 1000/- per day (ie),
    10 x Rs 100 = Rs 1000 / day
                                 => 30 days x Rs 1000 = Rs 30,000  / month

So the earnings depend upon your own efforts

Note : Thousands of Internet users are increasing everyday and everybody wants to earn extra income to satisfy their needs. So no doubt this Programme will earn you healthy Income for your Lifetime. Also remember that you can receive your payments every 3 days


You will receive your Payments by any of the following options of your choice

Your payments will be deposited to your Bank Account directly in every 3 Days. In this Payment Method, Payments will be done 10 times a month.

Your payments will be sent in the form of a Demand Draft drawn in favor of your name to your Postal Address after every 7 days (1 week). In this Payment Method, Payments will be done 4 times a month.

Your payments will be sent by the medium of Normal Money Order to your Postal Address after every 3 days. In this Payment Method, Payments will be done 10 times a month.


  • We will provide you with a Private Login (Username and Password) to analyze your Account and Personal details

  • You can check your Account Balance anytime online.

  • You can get online support from us for 24 hours including Sundays and all other holidays

  • Your Payments will be sent to you every 3 days or 7 days, according to the Payment option you choose

  • You can change your Payment option anytime by requesting us via Email.

  • No Minimum Payout(You will be paid even if your Account Balance is only Rs.100/-)

  • You can also change your Minimum Payout Amount from Rs 100/- to Rs 10,000/- anytime by requesting us via Email